Salesforce Customer Relationship Management

Import Sales Quotes from Salesforce into Exchequer. Export Customer Account Balances, MTD, YTD, LYTD. Update Stock Information, Quantities and Locations.

Sales force CRM

What is Salesforce?

It is a customer relationship management solution that brings companies and customers together. It’s one integrated CRM platform that can show your departments including marketing, sales, commerce, and service a single, shared view of every customer.

ExCommerce: Salesforce Integration

Being one of the world’s #1 CRM solutions with over 100,000 companies using it to close deals faster, we offer an integration platform for Exchequer with the successful CRM Salesforce. CRM meaning Customer Relationship Management, in which any practice, technology or strategy works to help a business improve their customer relations.

ExCommerce: Salesforce is built on our unique Exchequer API platform that allows us to integrate with Salesforce’s Stock, Orders and Customer/Account records.

This integration is supported on both Pervasive PSQL and Microsoft SQL versions of Exchequer. Exchequer is required to be on version 12 or newer for the integration and API platform to work effectively.

Exchequer Customer Accounts

  • Move data out of Exchequer into Salesforce with an API and the use of Salesforce Apex triggers
  • Optimised custom triggers updating the customer accounts table in both Exchequer and Salesforce
  • Including both customers address types for Billing and Shipping, as well as customer credit limits and account balances

Exchequer Product and Stock Management

  • Taking updated stock, pricing and quantity data from Exchequer and syncing it to Salesforce
  • Show Stock Location data from Exchequer in Salesforce

Order Processing

  • Quotes from Salesforce to Exchequer with the inclusion of Sales Quotes or Sales Order Receipt conversion
  • Salesforce Sales delivery and order picking data to Exchequer Sales Delivery Notes


  • Two-way synchronization of customer/account records between Exchequer and Salesforce
  • Uploading of stock, locations and stock locations data to Salesforce from Exchequer
  • Uploading of order records, both current and historical, to Salesforce from Exchequer
  • Download of orders from Salesforce to Exchequer
  • A system that successfully manages conflict resolution to stop duplication/incorrect records
  • Keeping the cost of metered API calls down for funds to be dedicated elsewhere in your business


  • Each of the above capabilities, in each direction, can be turned on or off to suit the customer’s requirements
  • Bespoke elements can be inserted into the Salesforce triggers that map data between the custom table objects we create and the customer’s Salesforce tables
  • Bespoke elements can be inserted into the API database that map data between Salesforce and our API to be made available to Exchequer