Enterprise archiving solutions are comprised of different software/hardware systems which allow the retainment and importantly the rapid retrieval of your data. They allow file space-saving and it is paramount for your businesses that they maintain compliance with security standards.

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Archiving Solutions


The archiving solutions that we provide cover a broad scope. One such example is mail archival of Microsoft Exchange Server. The product is designed to automatically archive mail from a set point from the Exchange Server into a separate database, reducing load on the server.

This system can also archive email messages from any standards-compliant mail solution, for example, Office365, Domino, GroupWise and more. You can archive mail for existing data with no restriction. If using Office365 or Exchange, non-email content such as contacts, appointments, public folders and tasks can also be archived. Mailbox folders are kept in sync.

The archived mail can be viewed and accessed by a web-based client or via a plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, with highly customisable rules to remain security compliant as well as powerful search capabilities. There is a comprehensive audit trail providing an accurate record of all system activities. For compliance reasons, e-mail can be effectively prevented from deletion as all mail is backed up instantly.

For example, an end-user could have access to only a year of data in their local Microsoft Outlook profile with automated rules to delete anything aged over a year. Regardless of mail that is deleted in the local inbox, the mail has already been copied to the Mail Archiving database with no permissions for removal. The solution also provides de-duplication facilities for repeated e-mails, massively reducing storage space on the end system.

The system can be provided as a virtual appliance or physical unit dependent on your business requirements.

Advanced Exchequer

We can help you create a new Advanced Exchequer company to archive historical financial data, providing you with an archive database for future auditing purposes.

We have in-house tools to extract Advanced Exchequer data to investigate and advise of any underlying issues, as well as rapid reporting solutions for the analysis of your company data.

We offer the option of archiving your Advanced Exchequer data on your network or within our award-winning data centre, taking care of server hosting and maintenance to diminish any uncertainty about your data’s security.

We’ll arrange for remote access for your data and walk you through how to independently connect to the remote environment, providing any additional software you may require for further use with your data.