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Pervasive PSQL Version 11

"High Performance, Low Maintenance Database Technology"

If you have a small or midsized business (SMB) and are looking for a perfect database, Pervasive SQL is for you. Over the last 25 years it has been constantly refined to fix issues that are vital to these businesses. Some of these issues involve:


Exchequer Dynamics Contact Manager

ExContact is now fully compatible with the Exchequer TeleSales module.

ExContact is a plugin for Exchequer to manage contacts adding additional functionality. Optional ExAddress Postcode lookup and verification.

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ExAddress Exchequer Post Code Finder

ExAddress is a fully integrated Exchequer plugin which allows a 'Postcode Lookup' when adding or editing a Customer or Supplier record. ExAddress is designed to allow quick and easy lookup of address data with just one click. It uses the Royal Mail PAF database with business level accuracy.

ExReport Pivot Edition

ExReport Pivot Edition

The Pivot view is only available in the Pivot version of ExReport. For a video example of the Pivot view, please check the links under ExReport at the top of the page. This feature enables you to summarise and analyse data in lists and tables. Pivot tables are called such because you can quickly rearrange the position of pivot table fields to give you a different view of the table.