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Exchequer Integration

Exchequer Integration Services

Data Integration Services

We provide hardware & software Integration for Exchequer into other back office systems.

I cannot believe that this project is over and took so little time from start to finish... (Chris Barton Keymas Limited)

ExFusion takes Exchequer ODBC and COM integration to the next level offering Exchequer customers a total framework for bi-directional data flow to and from Exchequer. No longer do they have to work in integration silos.

A new breed of integrations for Exchequer!

Traditional Exchequer integrations are restricted to a limited range of "off-the-shelf products". Custom integration can be a costly exercise with bespoke one of development.

These options have limited features and they don’t always meet the requirements of the business. This means that integration is often a compromise and never quite delivers a complete end to end solution.

Traditional integration methods also come with the significant cost of licenses, databases, additional load on servers (which are quite often under specified) and then there is the perfomance hit on the Exchequer application itself.

As if this is not enough, there are the issues with multiple integrations and the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors/developers and the management and cost of the multiple support contracts for each.

The Solution

The most cost-effective solution is to extend your Exchequer investment with our flagship integration platform ExFusion.

ExFusion is a multi-layer data conduit to connect external applications and solutions to the core Exchequer financials. It ‘wraps’ Exchequer and manages data extraction, synchronisation and data write back for virtually any database driven application. The possibilities are limitless. ExFusion offers simplicity, faster data transfer and real cost savings.

ExFusion eliminates all of the problems that come with integration. The application uses 1 license and can integrate with anything! It also is lightning fast and provides the opportunity to integrate multiple modules (which were previously defunct from integration with Exchequer) in virtual real time.

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ExFusion has already been used to successfully integrate Exchequer with a number of different database-driven applications, customised to run directly in conjunction. With this new platform, the limitations of integration are set aside. No longer is Exchequer restricted to a set list of given applications and no longer does it cost a large investment to integrate your ideal modules.

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