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How do you keep Exchequer at the heart of your business in the 21st century?

Free Gift for Exchequer Users

So what is all the fuss about? Where have we been hiding all these years? Coming out of the 1990’s and bringing performance, integration, reliability and remarkable support to ‘Exchequer World’.

It is, as if, we have been stuck in a time-warp and whilst some push vapourware and fancy brochures of products soon to be delivered in the Spring or Summer or is it next year Spring, Summer……… Exchequer Dynamics is on a mission to open up ‘Exchequer World’ to the 21st century of software that is affordable and second to none. As we grow, we are releasing some as Open Source/Freeware.

For too long Exchequer customers have been held to ransom by high prices and little choice.

Our software is born out of the requirements of real business, working in the real world and listening to our customers. We are striving to meet the requirements of a world that is constantly changing.

The closed world of selected channel partners is not one where customers always get the best solutions or the best value for money. Up sell, up sell, up sell is what drives the locomotive of high priced IT.

At Exchequer Dynamics we aim to bring value, service, elegant and robust software that will quickly deliver integration that works. No wonder we are unpopular and blocked on Twitter by the authors!

It must say something about us when our software is being deployed in data centres across the UK to manage CRC and Emission factor for very large organizations.

We are opening up highway after highway of bi-directional connectivity into products like IBM Cognos, Microsoft Dynamics & Nav, Paperless Document management & archiving, Warehousing with Keymas, e-Commerce with Ocean Design as well as bespoke systems. Guess what? The list is growing and customers are queuing up at our door. One thing is common and inevitable. They are tired of being overcharged, having poor support and under delivery from the promises of the glossy brochures and the big up sell. Giving away our simple contacts plugin for Exchequer is just a demonstration of the features that customers have been asking for and paying support on for years. It has only taken a few days to develop and we will be adding more features soon! If you like it and have ideas, tell us and we will listen, engage and implement them if we are convinced it will open up ‘Exchequer World’ further.

The more customers who join us the more we will invest in the research and development of our rapidly growing portfolio. The great thing about our integration model is that it binds all the best of breed solutions that companies dream about, to work with Exchequer and where the customer and can benefit from the expertise of the partners we work with to support them.
We are finding that customers have been burnt by having all the IT solutions in one basket and held to ransom on price. The spread of risk among a number of strategic partners is beneficial, cost-effective and ensures that partners are constantly engaged to deliver.

It would be too easy to dismiss the new kid on the block as a small company that has only been around for a couple of years. Our two Directors have over 50 years of business experience between them. We have the capital investment to grow and the energy and passion to succeed.

If you love Exchequer for all that it is known to be good for but want to resolve all the things that drive you mad, we can help! That is what we do... enhance Exchequer by connecting it to the rest of the real world.

Peter Marsh's picture
Peter is the MD of Exchequer Dynamics and in charge of all things financial, sales and Exchequer