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Exchequer Hosting in the Cloud

Exchequer Hosting in the Cloud now available!

An established IT solution with security, performance and ease of access at its core.

Having cultivated strong bonds with our customers, we have received a great deal of feedback and are attuned with the requirements and expectations when it comes to both hosting solutions and Exchequer's performance. While we provide on premise hosting services at our award winning data centre at Node4 for a number of clients who have adopted our e-commerce integration package, as well as customers who are looking to host Exchequer in the cloud, it's with great pleasure that we are announcing the expansion of our service to host Exchequer as well.

Key Features:

Managed hosting solution
With regular network health and integrity checks coupled with automated analysis throughout the day, you can work in peace knowing that your digital infrastructure is in good hands

Instant access from multiple platforms
Regardless of whether members of your team use Windows, Mac or Linux based devices, we provide SSL VPN access to your network to ensure secure and easy access 24/7 to a predefined set of users

          Flexible scalability
Fluctuations in organisation size aren't a problem as we adjust our facilities accordingly to effectively reflect this change company-wide without sacrificing capacity as you expand

Cybersecurity is of utmost importance with a combination of Sophos UTM clusters surrounding our rack and a series of anti-virus systems implemented for your company's safety

          High performance
With the standardised use of IBM servers and years of experience in optimising them, our hardware is more than up to the task of satisfying all your company's operational needs

Cost effective
We understand the pressures of daily operational costs and strive to maintain competitive and transparent pricing, eliminating the need for costly infrastructure

Fast acting support
Our skilled engineers are consistently gaining glowing evaluations for always putting the customer first, providing rapid response and resolutions to any issues

          Disaster recovery
We value data and understand its importance especially within solutions such as Exchequer, guarding it with the implementation of frequent backups to revert to for disaster recovery

Customisable features
We believe in providing our customers with an all-inclusive service, supplying any required third party software or tools to benefit their working experience

Straightforward migration

Through a detailed planning process, we pride ourselves in facilitating an effortless changeover from other hosting environments

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