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Dunlop Agencies

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Dunlop Agencies is a major Wholesale Distribution company, based in Carryduff, Belfast. Established for over 25 years, they provide an efficient ordering and prompt delivery service for core, everyday, seasonal and promotional non-food products to trade customers across Northern Ireland & Eire.

Exchequer Dynamics were called in to fix a failed 3 year project for an eCommerce site. The first phase, was to allow on-road Sales Representatives to places orders directly into the Exchequer accounting system and removing the time consuming paper order processing currently in place.
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The second phase of the project would involve allowing trade customers to log into this site so that they can place orders online without having to wait for weekly/monthly visits from representatives. This B2B site would also allow them to browse through an extensive product catalogue to upsell and enhance customer choice with new product ranges.

Having sales reps visit over 1600 customers on the road is costly. Getting customers to repeat their own orders is more cost effective and allows for speedier delivery and no paper orders. Using this automation is a better use of the sales team’s time and allows them to find new business.
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Exchequer Dynamics in partnership with Ocean eCommerce brought in the ExFusion & the all new Ex-Commerce solution to manage the order processing. Dunlop Agencies now operates a fully functioning B2B eCommerce site with Sales Reps processing more orders in less time allowing deliveries to be shipped faster.

With Phase 1 complete in record time Phase two will be rolled out to customers in Q1 of 2015.

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Stuart is in charge of system management, second line support and is an assistant to our technical director.