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November 2011

ExSync Road Map

ExSync 4GB Memory

ExSync version 3 is just around the corner. This version has numerous enhancements based on feedback and usage requirements from customers.

So What can you expect?


ExAddress Exchequer Post Code Finder

ExAddress is a fully integrated Exchequer plugin which allows a 'Postcode Lookup' when adding or editing a Customer or Supplier record. ExAddress is designed to allow quick and easy lookup of address data with just one click. It uses the Royal Mail PAF database with business level accuracy.

ExReport Pivot Edition

ExReport Pivot Edition

The Pivot view is only available in the Pivot version of ExReport. For a video example of the Pivot view, please check the links under ExReport at the top of the page. This feature enables you to summarise and analyse data in lists and tables. Pivot tables are called such because you can quickly rearrange the position of pivot table fields to give you a different view of the table.

ExReport Standard

ExReport Standard

ExReport is the client query/reporting engine that connects to the data synchronised by ExSync. A number of useful features have been built in to allow visual query building, export to Excel and PDF reporting. As a result complex queries can be constructed and the data output in a fraction of the time it takes Exchequer to process.

IBM Cognos Integration to Exchequer with Barrachd


Exchequer Dynamics are pleased to announce that we are partnering with IBM business partner Barrachd to develop a fully integrated solution for Exchequer to connect to IBM Cognos.

Paperless Europe document management for Exchequer

Paperless Europe Integration with Exchequer

Now that the integration with the Keymas warehouse picking system is complete, it is now time for a new project.