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ExFusion 2 - Integration and Migration

Exchequer ExFusion 2

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Whilst the Product Team at Exchequer are already planning the launch of Exchequer v7.0 in the winter of 2012, the team at EDL have been working hard on the latest release of ExFusion. Our road-map had this scheduled for November 2012 but early indications show us ahead of the game and the release may be available by the end of Q3.

For those who are new to our company and website, ExFusion is our flagship integration platform for the Exchequer enterprise accounting system. Since its launch in April 2012 (Click here for more details) we have seen a steady stream of enquiries and purchases of the product showing us that system integration is on the minds of those discerning Exchequer customers wanting to grow and streamline their business.

To date we have concentrated on Microsoft SQL and Oracle MySQL as the industry databases of choice that ExFusion will ‘talk’ to but with the release of ExFusion 2 we are ‘Bringing the rest of the world to Exchequer World’.

Before we release the product, we thought we would take a step back and look at the paths that you can take when either integrating your Exchequer system or migrating away from Exchequer.

If you would like to keep Exchequer as your accounting system, but would like to extend your investment, then using ExFusion you can now integrate with any of the databases shown in the diagram above. Sharing data between internal or external systems will allow the streamlining of business processes as well as cutting operating costs.

Data transfer within ExFusion has been all about direct database links and data transfer. We have shied away from the now rather dated method of data transfer using CSV, XML and text files. However, due to a particular customer requirement ExFusion2 will also contain a module for the import and export of CSV’s files. Since this functionality was added it has been left in the core product for all customers to use.

It has been mentioned in previous articles on our website that we have the capability of a seamless migration path to Sage 200. It is now possible to export your data from Exchequer into virtually any database!

Another important feature which has been added and come from customer feedback is the ability to select different databases for different tables. This is particularly useful where customers are using different databases and applications for reporting on their data. This means that customer's can allow the synchronisation of multiple databases.

If you are interested in ExFusion2, are an existing customer wanting to upgrade or have ideas for the future product development then please feel free to contact us via e-mail ( or by phone call (01933429800).

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